The Granite Belt Body works team can remove dents from vehicles using traditional methods if the damage is severe or if the paint is scratched or broken. Traditional dent repairs involve spot welding tags onto panels and pulling the dent with a slide hammer or getting behind the dent and tapping it back out using a block and mallet. The dent is then flattened out and shaped to match the surrounding panel using body filler. It is then sanded smooth and painted over.

If your car was present in a hail storm, we will need to assess the overall damage to the car in good lighting, otherwise hail damage is not apparent unless viewed at the correct angle. 

You will need to review your insurance policy to ensure that your car is covered by hail damage and the value of the excess you need to pay.  If your excess is higher than the cost of fixing the hail damage on your car, then it is wise not to make a claim on your insurance. 

Since we work with all major insurance companies, we can assess the hail damage and provide an estimate of how much it will cost to fix your car.  You can then decide if you want to make a claim, pay for the damage yourself or leave it for another time. 

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